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Why We Are Building Duplikit

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Baird Hall
Why We Are Building Duplikit

We're at it again...

5 years ago, before we started our first company, we set out with the mission to help people that have a message to share it better online. We believe that if someone has something to say, they should be able to get their message out to the world.

Since then, we have built 3 companies that provide tools to empower online creators and social media marketers.

Our team has now created products that help anyone share audio online (uTalk), help podcasters share clips of their show on social media (Wavve), and allow video creators to easily edit their videos in a way to capture the most attention on social media (Zubtitle). Over the past 5 years building these products into companies, we too have become content creators.

Behind the scenes, we have been building internal tools that allow our products to easily convert content from one medium to another. For example, Wavve turns audio into video content and Zubtitle transcribes videos to text.

We have been using these tools internally for marketing purposes and have recently realized that we want to offer these tools to other content creators so anyone can repurpose their content quickly.

So we built Duplikit.

Duplikit is the one place any content creator can go to convert their content from one format to another. If you create videos, Duplikit can convert your videos to podcast episodes. If you have a podcast, you can convert those podcasts to blog posts. If you... well, you get the idea.

We will be launching with 5 primary content "Feeds":

We will be offering introductory pricing over the next few weeks for the first users that want to take Duplikit for a spin. We also plan to launch more "Feeds" as we go.

If you are a content creator, we would love to hear from you and better understand how we can build tools to help you repurpose content more efficiently (and with style)! 😉